POS Terminal
POS 60/70 series
Box PC 400/650
Cash Drawer
NS series
MS series
Cash Tray
Pole Display
POS Printer
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Cash Register
Cash Handling
Coin/Bill Counter
NS-58 series
NS-72 series
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POS Terminal


Opoz-5000 offers the most Comfort and Compact design in functionality;
Host unit, Touch panel LCD, 36 key Programmable keyboard, Customer
Display and IC & MSR are placed in one user friendly operation platform

  • More stable and durable of VIA EDEN
    POS Control mainboard with Fanless
    Lower power CPU 1.0GHZ
  • Touch panel: ELO 5-wire resistive panel
  • Optional 80 mm High speedy
    (150-220mm/sec) Thermal printer with
    Auto Cutter RP-5080
iF design award 2006
Flexibility with 3 different Screen
display angles: 3060and 90
It is specially designed to suit any
viewing environment needs.

iF design award 2005 Patent

The winner of iF design award 2005

The rubber painted cover can easily remove the nicks by hand.

  • Attachable and movable 2 x 20 VFD Customer
    Display with button-up locked design.
  • Attachable and movable IC , MSR Reader and
    36 Programmable Keyboard in both side of LCD
  • Special design of opening cash drawer by
    Customer Display
  • All the hardware components including Host Unit
    12.1" TFT Touch Screen and other optional units
    combine into a space saving all-in-one platform
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Opoz-8000 is a highly integrated display and input part for POS System, combined
with Elo Touch Screen, Programmable Keyboard, MSR and Pole Customer Display.
The unique and elegant design with lustrous organic glass finish complements
the atmosphere of high class restaurants, fashion shops, chain stores etc.
The cable management banishes all cables and create fine design and clean look.

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iF design award 2007 Patent

POS-2000 series has PC/BASE structure and open system for mobility
function More stable and expandable FLX-ATX mainboard with easy
maintenance and hospitality environments

POS-2000 series

Pos-2000 E-seriesPDF Catalog

Pos-2000 S-series

with POS control VIA C3-733MHz low power CPU

Flexible choice of different monitor, customer display, printer and
keyboard to meet specifications

PC-1500ATX Case

  • ATX & POS specific interface and 3 card slot
  • 2USB, Pole display, Cash drawer,
    LCD power, Printer power interface is available
  • PW-180A Input 110v or 220V Out put
    24V/3.5A for Printer and DC3V-12V
    450(W) x 400 (L) x 140(H) mm 4.7 Kgs.

Solid POS Terminal
Solid POS 60 series
POS608 & POS612 with C400/C650
The compact fancy outlook design able to be
installed virtually anywhere in hospitality such
as Cafe and luxury restaurant.
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Solid POS 70 series
POS72 & POS75
Versatile combination of Main and 2nd display
with wide range Tilt and Swivel angle adjustment.
Easy maintenance construction with integrated
the latest technology RFID Module
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Fanless PC 400/650
Fanless BOX PC 400 & PC 650
Compact, extra small foot print and fanless,
providing a rugged solution for oily, dusty or
space saving uses for kitchen or Kiosk application
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Touch Monitor
TM series
TM120 & TM150
Steady Touch monitor with high luminance and
Zero dead pixel LCD panel and high speed response
time touch panel included.
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